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Huffaker Taxidermy Studio

Jerry HuffakerFor 26 years Huffaker Taxidermy Studio has been the choice of discriminating sportsmen. We provide a dependable service with emphasis on high quality with a 9-12 month turnaround.

From shoulder mounts to custom pedestaland lifesize mounts, we handle all taxidermy needs. We specialize in North American, African and Exoic big game mounts. Please contact us before your next safari for shipping tags, recomended clearing agents and a current pricelist.

We started our business in 1987 and from that time to the present we have honed our taxidermy skills to a high standard of quality.

Our belief is that the trophy mount should be anatomically correct and as lifelike as possible. Creating a carefully crafted showpiece that respectfully represents the natural beauty of each specie.









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Huffaker Taxidermy Studio
Phone: 325.672.2778
Jerry & Beth Huffaker
534 Meander St.
Abilene, TX 79602